Sunday, October 28, 2007

Soundscape audio influences

Assignment 4

This soundscape inspired much of what my partner, Jesse, and I conceived our idea from, or at least drove us in a similar direction.

Basically, the idea was very cultural. Without seeing the images that are floating about in the video as I type this, the sounds of the birds and different instruments introduce a very Asian/cultural feeling and evokes a sense of curiosity or intrigue for something our society is not exactly accustomed to hearing. Other compositions added to this feeling, because it was evident that each sound, instrument, or entire composition was trying to convey an emotion or a thought process more complicated than merely what is soothing to the ears. The sounds of nature are very enjoyable, and the leaps of tempo seem subconsciously invigorating, while the sounds of nature in the background are more soothing and are able to hold a balance. The idea of the softer sounds of nature was mainly inspired by that video, and of course, nature itself.

At the same time, however, another influence is this song, which means nothing to non-native speakers of Mandarin (including myself, though I am able to catch onto a few words here and there). Especially at the speed Jay Chou is singing, it can really sound like gibberish, and in contrast to his other works, it sounds almost nonsensical. As Duncan had shown in class, the most logical combination of words could be repeated or somehow distorted to sound nothing like natural language and lose its flow. Distortion may even bring language to, based on its natural rhythms and intonations associated with speech, sound just like music or noise or even "nothing" to some people, something that is totally tuned out because it doesn't bear any significance to them. I find it very interesting that an unknown language is just tuned out or seen as noise to people, and the differences in languages may create similarities that merge multiple languages that have nothing in common to create a benevolent sound.

Thus, it becomes very difficult to decipher a soundscape from music from logical language from "nothing". This makes the project a challenge, because how is one to know what defines music to one, from noise to another, from speech to the next person? I can personally listen to any gibberish and call it music. The "white noise" my space heater emits is, in itself, just as musical as my piano. My parents speaking, even arguing, and crossing language barriers by skipping from one language to another is just as musical as my birds squawking when the sun rises.

.... It's like, two in the morning. :((((((((

Monday, October 15, 2007

Audacity 1.2.6
- Phase Shift
- Architecture and sound
- Metaphor
- Mash up
- Found Sound
- Time-based media
- Schizophonic soundscape

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Storyboard / rant

So after some days of contemplating plots and whatnot, I finally settled on an idea. When this happened, my computer coincidentally had to be reformatted because of previously mentioned virus. Now it's blank save for MSN and Photoshop, which I, for now, work by mouse. I have yet to install my tablet driver or anything on disc --- because my disc drive is broken. We got a new one to put in tonight, and 'lo and behold, it also has issues. No problem, I drew it on paper instead.

So I spent a good portion of the night foraging the interweb for programs I have on disc but cannot install, which included my scanner/printer/all-in-one HP installation. Two reboots and an hour later, my scanner functions and my printer is vomiting out new alignment pages. I got lucky enough that I had Photoshop as a downloaded EXE.

So besides all that and my blatant inability to draw people and various other whatnots (basically everything else. art block D;), five grueling panels later, I'm exhausted and done as much as I could do.

Basically I tried to plot the affair of a well respected solider in an ancient(-ish) era of China, showed as best I could with the clothing, hair, the soldier has a sword, and decor. The maiden in red is the one he first lays eyes on, and he spends some time with her and leading her on, if you will. One day he finds another maiden, the one in white who plays the pipa (guitar-like thing that dates back to the 8th century or around that time) beautifully. He ditches the maiden in red and goes for the instrumental one, and as they spend their time together, the jealousy in the red maiden manifests. One night, as the maiden in white and solider embrace in candle lit glow, the red maiden pours a poison into the white maiden's green tea and upon drinking it, she dies. The soldier knows immediately who is responsible and takes his blade to the red maiden's throat, but relents to kill her.

Then it switches to present day. It could be interpreted as a dream/day dream, but the original intention of it is to show ancient versus present day, since a lot of philosophy dictates reincarnation, past lifetimes, dragging one's past experiences to modern day life. The soldier is an ordinary guy, and the red maiden is his girlfriend who runs to clutch him by the arm as he turns as if he feels a connection with a girl standing on the sidewalk waiting for her ride. She resembles the ancient white maiden, but he doesn't get a chance to communicate with her as the "red maiden" has him by the arm and is walking away from her.

Web CT is down and sucks. :(

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


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